3 major differences between a car accident lawyer and a truck accident lawyer


When you are hit by a truck due to the driver’s negligence or faulty vehicle, you are entitled to obtain compensation for the damages caused, including your lost wages, medical bills, and the suffering. The truck driver and his company have to deal with this kind of cases all the time. They are experts at denying claims and paying a lower compensation. To fight back, you need to hire a truck accident lawyer.

Truck accident lawyers have high rates of success. Time is very crucial in this kind of accidents. While you are still struggling to get out of your vehicle or waiting for medical help, the trucking company is already into the investigation and arranging papers for it. So, you need to hire a truck accident lawyer quickly as well. The lawyer can deal with the various legal issues that surround the accident. Many people will hire a car accident lawyer for an accident involving a truck. But you must know that the two lawyers are different. Here are three main differences between a car accident lawyer and a truck accident lawyer.



The person liable for the accident is different in the case of car and truck accidents. In a car accident, the driver is usually liable. But in a truck accident, the trucking company is often more liable than the truck driver. By law, the trucking companies need to train their drivers well and follow the federal regulations. But if they fail to carry out their responsibilities, the truck accident lawyer holds the trucking company liable for the accident.

More investigation


A truck accident lawyer has to carry out a more detailed investigation than a car accident lawyer. The lawyer has to assess the employment history of the truck and the qualification of the truck drivers for the job. They have to find out the results of drug and alcohol testing for the driver. They also need to look at the track company’s insurance provider to find out the reason behind the accident. The black box of the truck can also provide evidence.



The severity of injuries varies in case of car and truck accidents. The difference between the weight of the car and truck is a factor to consider. So, truck accidents can result in more injuries than car accidents. For this reason, the truck companies have an insurance policy with high liability limits.

Truck accidents can be dreadful. You have to deal with the insurance companies, injuries and damages to vehicles all at the same time. You will go through a lot of stress during a truck accident. If you hire a good truck injury lawyer, then he or she can take the burden off your shoulder.