4 Legal Rights of Children That We Should Never Forget


Children are vulnerable to their surroundings. We understand that they don’t have the capability to protect themselves yet in the harsh ways of life. Even though they are still young, they are also entitled to protection and security. Children have rights as well as all of us do. Here are some of the legal rights that we should never forget when it comes to children.

1. Basic Necessities


Children are entitled to have the necessary things they need in life. As a parent, we should provide the necessities for the kids to make sure they are safe and healthy. The kids need a house where they can have a shelter, food for them to eat, clothes to keep them warm and health care to make sure they are healthy.

2. Rights even in foster care

Even if a child is staying with a foster family, the basic things they need in life should still be provided. A child no matter where they are should still have a proper place to live in and they should still be able to eat.

3. Education for disabled kids


All children deserve to have an education. Even children who have disability conditions deserve to learn. If a kid has some shortcomings, it doesn’t mean that they should not have the right to learn and go to school. They are kids that have special needs that we should attend to.

4. Legal Counsel

We all know that there are cases where children are accused of crimes. We must remember that even a child has the right to have a legal aid under any given situation. Whether it is an alleged crime or even if it is against to the parents, a child should be protected by law. If there is no financial capability, the court will order a counsel for the child.

Children even if they are young have their rights like all of us. Whatever the situation is, it is just right to keep every child protected so we can lead them to have a good life.