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Deaf Law is the number one magazine that tackles everything about the law. We know that most of us don’t know a thing or two about law. Things are always a bit confusing and let’s admit the fact that laws have a lot of loopholes. The magazine was established to be helpful to the public. We want to spread awareness even to those who doesn’t belong to the high society. Through the help of Deaf Law, learn the basics about your rights as a human being. We know that there are instances that the law is being used as a weapon by those people who have the means. Some tend to take advantage of the norm just because they don’t know anything about their rights.

The magazine was founded almost twenty years ago. It’s because we want to spread awareness to the public. So far, we have managed to do so. You can get a lot of useful insights and knowledge from Deaf Law that you can apply to your daily lives. It doesn’t matter if you are the boss of your company, an employee, a wife or whoever you are because you can rely on us for all the things that you need to know.