Author: Jane Cyr

4 Steps on How Lexington Law Review Clean Your Credit Score


Once we have a bad record on our credit report, we all know how hard it is and how long it would take to get it fixed. The good thing is that there is a way to get it cleaned up in a very efficient way. We’ve all heard about the Lexington Law and read reviews (Here is a helpful Lexington Law Firm review from and how many credit reports have they fixed over the years. If you are one of the people who is also having a problem in fixing your credit score, check out the step by step procedure of Lexington Law on how you’ll be cleared with all the bad records you have on your credit report.

1. Case Intake

Lexington Law will not be the one to approach you. The process starts with you upon signing up for their services. Once you have signed up, they will need the copy of your credit report based on the major credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian, and the TransUnion. The Lexington Law may require other supporting documents that can back up your situation.

2. Legal Action


Lawyers and Paralegals will work in your case to check the things that can be done to clean out the disputes and charge-offs. There is no need to worry because the people who will be assigned to your case are all experts on different situations.

3. Credit Score Analysis

The credit score analysis step depends on the kind of plan you signed up for. If you go for the Concord Premier Plan, then there will be a monthly summary report sent to you from Lexington Law, stating the things that can be done to improve your credit score.

4. Follow-Up & Escalation

You have to be patient because fixing a credit report is not an easy thing to do. There will be a lot of battles for disputes with the different credit bureaus. If ever you will receive any info from the different bureaus, it is important that you coordinate immediately with Lexington Law.

Patience is the key in fixing your credit score. Remember that it doesn’t work overnight, but you will surely get things done in no time.

3 major differences between a car accident lawyer and a truck accident lawyer


When you are hit by a truck due to the driver’s negligence or faulty vehicle, you are entitled to obtain compensation for the damages caused, including your lost wages, medical bills, and the suffering. The truck driver and his company have to deal with this kind of cases all the time. They are experts at denying claims and paying a lower compensation. To fight back, you need to hire a truck accident lawyer.

Truck accident lawyer Miami has high rates of success. Time is very crucial in this kind of accidents. While you are still struggling to get out of your vehicle or waiting for medical help, the trucking company is already into the investigation and arranging papers for it. So, you need to hire a truck accident lawyer quickly as well. The lawyer can deal with the various legal issues that surround the accident. Many people will hire a car accident lawyer for an accident involving a truck. But you must know that the two lawyers are different. Here are three main differences between a car accident lawyer and a truck accident lawyer.



The person liable for the accident is different in the case of car and truck accidents. In a car accident, the driver is usually liable. But in a truck accident, the trucking company is often more liable than the truck driver. By law, the trucking companies need to train their drivers well and follow the federal regulations. But if they fail to carry out their responsibilities, the truck accident lawyer holds the trucking company liable for the accident.

More investigation


A truck accident lawyer has to carry out a more detailed investigation than a car accident lawyer. The lawyer has to assess the employment history of the truck and the qualification of the truck drivers for the job. They have to find out the results of drug and alcohol testing for the driver. They also need to look at the track company’s insurance provider to find out the reason behind the accident. The black box of the truck can also provide evidence.



The severity of injuries varies in case of car and truck accidents. The difference between the weight of the car and truck is a factor to consider. So, truck accidents can result in more injuries than car accidents. For this reason, the truck companies have an insurance policy with high liability limits.

Truck accidents can be dreadful. You have to deal with the insurance companies, injuries and damages to vehicles all at the same time. You will go through a lot of stress during a truck accident. If you hire a good truck injury lawyer, then he or she can take the burden off your shoulder.

4 Legal Rights of Children That We Should Never Forget


Children are vulnerable to their surroundings. We understand that they don’t have the capability to protect themselves yet in the harsh ways of life. Even though they are still young, they are also entitled to protection and security. Children have rights as well as all of us do. Here are some of the legal rights that we should never forget when it comes to children.

1. Basic Necessities


Children are entitled to have the necessary things they need in life. As a parent, we should provide the necessities for the kids to make sure they are safe and healthy. The kids need a house where they can have a shelter, food for them to eat, clothes to keep them warm and health care to make sure they are healthy.

2. Rights even in foster care

Even if a child is staying with a foster family, the basic things they need in life should still be provided. A child no matter where they are should still have a proper place to live in and they should still be able to eat.

3. Education for disabled kids


All children deserve to have an education. Even children who have disability conditions deserve to learn. If a kid has some shortcomings, it doesn’t mean that they should not have the right to learn and go to school. They are kids that have special needs that we should attend to.

4. Legal Counsel

We all know that there are cases where children are accused of crimes. We must remember that even a child has the right to have a legal aid under any given situation. Whether it is an alleged crime or even if it is against to the parents, a child should be protected by law. If there is no financial capability, the court will order a counsel for the child.

Children even if they are young have their rights like all of us. Whatever the situation is, it is just right to keep every child protected so we can lead them to have a good life.

The 3 Basic Rights That You Need To Know If You Are an Employee


People need to work, and it is essential for us to live and survive with all the needs we have in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable job, so if we see an opportunity, we immediately grab it. It’s not wrong, as what people say grab the chance when it’s right in front of you. What is not correct is the mentality of the people when they don’t want to lose their jobs even though it is already violating their rights. We should not tolerate this kind of practice because as a human being, we have our rights that we should protect. Remember that there is a law that can protect and we recommend you read this wrongful termination advice. Here are some fundamental things that you need to know about your rights as an employee.

1. Free from discrimination and harassment at all times


As an employee, we are entitled to our beliefs and culture. It should not be the basis of discrimination in any way. It has been a social issue that has been around for quite a long time. People, young or old can experience discrimination. You should know that if you experience any kind or discrimination or harassment, there is a law that can protect you against it.

2. Safe Workplace


In a place of work, an employee is entitled to be in a safe and nontoxic area. The site that you are working from should not contain any hazardous materials or toxic products that can put your life in danger. Always remember that you are trying to live and not get some health issues. You have the right to be in a clean and safe workplace.

3. Fair wages for the work you’ve done


It’s not easy to find a job most especially if you are not the most qualified person for it. For this reason, a lot of individuals tend to accept jobs that pay below minimum just to get something to eat. It’s not right. As an employee, you have the right to get what you worked for.

Practice your rights and don’t let anyone take advantage of you. You are working to get a better life. Do not hesitate to fight for your rights whenever it’s applicable.